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Apple planning cool new tech for iPhone 5?

Apple planning next-gen tech for iPhone 5?
Apple planning next-gen tech for iPhone 5?

Apple has hired a new chap to deal with Mobile Commerce, and it just so happens that he has years of near field communications experience.

For the uninitiated, NFC is used in swipe cards and can be used for anything from paying for goods (like the Barclaycard PayWave) to tickets (Oyster cards) and even to open your car.

The fact Apple has employed Benjamin Vigier as Product Manager of Mobile Commerce doesn't necessarily mean the iPhone 5 will have the technology in, but he's well placed to implement it should that come about.


The reason for the conjecture of his role comes as earlier this year Apple applied for a patent on a device that would contain NFC technology, highlighted by Engadget.

Vigier was product manager at mFoundry, where he developed applications like the PayPal Mobile service and a mobile payments system for Starbucks.

So even if he doesn't make your iPhone 5 the cool new way to beep around town, fingers crossed Apple will be working on even more ways to use your iPhone to make life easier.

From NearFieldCommunications World via Engadget and MacRumors