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Channel 4 announces iPhone app funding

4iP offers funding for new iPhone apps
4iP offers funding for new iPhone apps

Channel 4 has announced that it is to set aside a slice of its 4iP budget (4 Innovation for the Public) to finance the development of iPhone apps that are related to health, welfare or accessibility.

Inspired by the LifeScan diabetes data app, which was previewed at the launch of iPhone 3.0, 4iP digital commissioner Daniel Heaf has set aside around £30,000 for the creation of each app and hopes that the applications will entertain but have a social use as well.

Good-for-you games

"4iP are hugely interested in investing in 'good-for-you games' – games that can change how we live and understand real world problems," said Heaf on the 4iP blog.

"But let's not get all serious, first and foremost we want to invest in games that are fun that have an undertone of public serviceness…"

Go to the 4iP blog for more details on how you can get involved with 4iP's iPhone 3.0 fund.

Here you will find details and guidelines on what applications are suitable for investment, as Heaf explains: "Cutting & Pasting aside, 4iP thinks the new SDK offers some really exciting opportunities so we're putting aside a bit of cash for you to play about with."

Via C21Media