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New iPhone update frying handsets

Vodafone's international iPhone problem
Vodafone's international iPhone problem

The new iPhone 2.0.1 firmware update may have seemed fairly inconspicuous and boring, but to a few Apple customers it's been the source of anger.

Those that have Vodafone as their official carrier have paid a fairly large sum of money to get their phones unlocked for international roaming.


But it seems the new firmware has treated this act as one of 'jailbreaking' and had shut down the devices.

Reports are that some users have side-stepped the problem with a full reset, but others are totally up a foul-smelling creek with no propulsion device.

No word on when / if this problem is going to be fixed from either Vodafone or Apple, but it's another blot of the Jobs' copybook after the problems with the MobileMe service reported over the last week.