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iPhone finally knocks RAZR off top phone spot

The Moto RAZR... it may never die properly
The Moto RAZR... it may never die properly

Well, knock us down with a stick from 2005, the Apple iPhone has finally made it to top spot in US mobile phone sales... knocking the Motorola RAZR V3 handset off the number one position.

That's right. The Moto RAZR made in 2005, the phone that looked awesome but had the functionality of a Big Mac.

Apparently sales in the US, despite slipping 15 per cent in the last year, have been kindest to the iPhone in Q3, with the Moto RAZR V3 (all models, of which there are actually quite a few) falling to second place after three and a half years at the top.

LG is top brand

Other contributions of note are RIM's BlackBerry Curve in third place, and LG taking the fourth and fifth slots with the Rumor and the enV2 respectively.

While the RAZR V3 died its inevitable death a while ago over here in the UK, the US is one of Moto's last strongholds, so while its old model was eventually going to give up at some point, it's still a hammer blow for the ailing manufacturer.