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Dell and HP prepping Windows 8 tablets for 2012

Dell and HP prepping Windows 8 tablets for next year
Amazon's Kindle Fire: fuelling the fire

Dell and HP's Windows 8-based tablets could be with us as soon as next year, as a price war on the highly-desired techslabs heats up.

Amazon's upcoming Kindle Fire's low price point of $200 (£127) is said to be to blame for Dell and HP's decision to stick with Microsoft's operating system.

Because of that low, low cost, the big, conventional computer manufacturers are probably looking to carve out a new niche somewhere between cheapo Android tablets and expensive Apple ones.

Big business

Dell is said to be targeting its Windows 8 tablets at business users, whereas HP is more likely to stick to consumers - if it decides what to do with its computing division.

Lenovo is also prepping a tablet, but its is likely to be powered by Android. Conversely, Android fanboy HTC is rumoured to be building a Windows 8 tablet.

Dell and HP's tablets, with their swanky operating systems, are likely to be with us in Q3 2012 - that's this time next year.

via BGR