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YouTube filters to kill dodgy content

YouTube will get video filters from September

Google has finally given into broadcaster demands and is implementing a video filter system on YouTube . This will ensure that most copyrighted content is blocked from being uploaded to the site.

The move, announced on Friday, is intended to stem the flood of lawsuits that have been aimed Google's way. The video filters will be able to identify digital fingerprints included by broadcasters in the original material, says WCBSTV . It will then stop material with such flags from being uploaded on to the video sharing site.

The move was welcomed by Viacom - which along with the FA (Football Association) and music publisher Bourne Co . - are suing Google for breach of copyright. Google lawyer Philip S. Beck said in court that the company was working "very intensely and co-operating" with broadcasters and the FBI to ensure that copyright wasn't breached in future.

The video filters should be in place by September.