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Star Trek anniversary celebrated in Google doodle

Star Trek anniversary celebrated in Google doodle
Google doodles continue to live long and prosper

Google has commemorated the 46th anniversary of Star Trek with a new interactive doodle.

The original cast of the TV show has been transformed in to the Google letters, with Spok as 'G' and Captain James T. Kirk as the second O within the word.

Clicking the doors upon the Starship Enterprise will allow you to be beamed away to battle an alien lifeform with sticks and rocks. Naturally the redshirt doesn't make it back in one piece.

Clicking on Uhura (the first O) takes you to a soft focus close-up complete with stars.


There's also a Star Trek soundboard (complete with phasers), the original theme tune and the show's trademark wipe cuts

The doodle should cause much amusement for Trekkies and non-Trekkies alike.

To play around with the latest interactive Google doodle, head over to the search homepage.