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OneDrive is the new name for Microsoft SkyDrive

SkyDrive logo
Goodbye, SkyDrive

Microsoft has only just revealed the new name for its SkyDrive cloud storage service, but it already feels like it's been around for a while.

Called OneDrive, the new moniker first appeared in a blogpost on Microsoft's site, which describes the service as, "one place for all your photos and videos. One place for all of your documents. One place that is seamlessly connected across all the devices you use".

The switch hasn't been made yet though - Microsoft has put up a preview site with a form for entering an email address and promises to inform anybody who signs up when the service goes live.

OneDrive is (almost) here

Starting again

Microsoft was forced to pick a new name for the service back in July 2013 following a ruling in the English High Court that said the trademark infringed on British Sky Broadcasting Group's (BSkyB) trademark on the word "Sky".

The company had only suffered a trademark pummeling the year before when it was forced to ditch the name 'Metro' for Windows 8's tile-based UI.

It decided to appeal the court ruling, arguing that 'sky' was a commonly used term for cloud storage systems. But, as you might have gathered by the rename, that argument was rejected by the court, leading to it picking the newly unveiled name.

Via ZDNet