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Australia goes Gangnam Style with Google Zeitgeist

Turns out Australians like Gangnam Style

The annual Google Zeitgeist report can be depressing reading at times. But it can also give some fascinating insight into the world of modern day Australia.

It's not overly surprising then that the most popular search term of the year for the land down under was Gangnam Style.

South Korean rapper Psy's international hit beat out search terms The Voice, One Direction, Whitney Houston and Olympics to take out the gong in Australia.

Australians also asked Google a lot of questions in 2012, starting with the most pressing - "How to love?" In fact, Australians asked lots of "how to" questions, like "how to kegel", "how to rock", "how to breastfeed" and "how to change".

TV, celebrities and more

One thing the Google Zeitgeist report does manage to show is how much Aussies love Aussie stuff.

From the most popular TV show (Home and Away), the most searched sports teams (Sydney Swans) and global celebrities (Robin Gibb), there's a strong local element in many of the search results.

Still, global events like Hurricane Sandy became the most searched news item, One Direction took out the biggest image search term gong and Whitney Houston's passing was the most searched celebrity death of the year.