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Sony Bravia ad goes for bunny colour fun

Sony has launched another version of its award-winning Bravia TV adverts - this time filled with hundreds of multi-coloured bunnies bouncing around New York.

The 90-second commercial, which can be viewed on the Bravia Advert site, shows the Play-Doh rabbits hopping to a central point where they turn into an enormous purple wave. The wave then turns into a sea before a whale's tail emerges, which then turns into the biggest red rabbit you've ever seen.

It apparently took Passion, the advert's creators, over three weeks, 40 animators and 2.5 tons of plasticine to make.

The ad, called Play-Doh, is the third in a trio that highlight the colourful properties of Sony's Bravia LCD TVs. The first - Balls - showed thousands of bouncy balls boinging around San Francisco. The second - Paint - showed a firework display of paint exploding all over a Glasgow housing estate.

The ad is accompanied by The Rolling Stones' psychedelic 1967 hit She's A Rainbow.