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Sony shows off battery powered OLED

OLED loveliness
OLED loveliness

Sony's 11in OLED television has already attracted a welter of attention, but it appears that a battery powered version is now ready.

Engadget has translated a Japanese piece about the Sony dealers convention that talks about a battery-powered television that keeps the same dimensions as the original OLED.

Of course, this is an area where OLED could well flourish – with the technology capable of drawing much less power to run than traditional televisions.

Low power

"Organic (LED) has a lower power consumption than conventional portable LCD TVs, so, comparatively the operating time could be longer," an official apparently confirmed.

Not a lot of details have surfaced about this new version, but with OLED technology creeping closer to being both affordable and common expect the news about the exciting screen tech to keep on coming.