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Sony is killing PlayStation Mobile on Android so it can focus on PS Vita

PS Vita
The Vita is growing as a vessel for the indie development community

Sony is turning off the life support for PlayStation Mobile for Android, as it chooses to focus on PS Vita and Vita TV instead.

PlayStation-certified devices running Android 4.4.2 and below will still be able to use the service as normal for the time being, but versions above that may be unable to access content and play games, says Sony in a translated post from its Japanese blog.

Once you update to Android L, the whole service will be pretty much useless.

While it's not shutting its doors entirely just yet, Sony also says it won't bestow the "PlayStation Certified" label on any future Android phones.

So right now it looks like the plan is to put all the focus on the Vita as Sony's go-to portable device, for indie games and non-indie games alike.

Via Android Central