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Will Sony announce new PS4 and PS3 consoles at E3?

Will Sony announce new PS4 and PS3 consoles at E3?
And a PS3 Super Super Slim too?

Sony could be about to push out new revisions of the PS4 and PS3, registrations with the Indonesia's Ministry of Communications and Information Technology have suggested.

One filing is for a Sony system with the model number CUH-1106A, which is pretty similar to the PS4's Asian model number, CUH-1006A.

That suggests that the possible hardware revision will be minor – we don't expect a PS4 Slim just yet.

And as Dualshockers notes, it also excludes the possibility of a hard disk bump-up as that's usually indicated by a change in the final letter of the code.

Don't you forget about 3

A second listing is for a PS3 with the model name CECH-4306CH, hinting that this one could be a revision of the Super Slim.

We've asked Sony for clarification as to whether these mean anything, and we'll let you know if we hear more.

But with E3 just around the corner, there's a good chance we could be hearing more about these hardware updates very soon.

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