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Apple Peel 520 'iPod to iPhone converter' leaves China

Apple Peel 520 - bit of Apple magic
Apple Peel 520 - bit of Apple magic

An iPod case created by Chinese developer Yosion is heading to the US, which turns humble iPods into fully functional iPhones.

Although the Apple Peel 520 has been out in China for a while, the case is set to debut in the west after GoSolarUSA announced it would be manufacturing the product for the American market.

The case uses a wireless skin that includes a circuit board, a 4.5-hour battery, dock connector and SIM card.

iPod jailbreak

The caveat is that the Apple Peel 520 has to be connected to a jail-broken iPod touch to work properly as software has to be installed. It's pretty cheap, though, with the Apple Peel 520 looking to retail for $60.

As it is heading the US, this does mean that it may well enter the UK market as well.

That is if Apple doesn't block the release of the case, as the news of its impending US launch will probably mean Steve Jobs and co are speaking to their friendly lawyers right now.

Personally, we can't wait to see the antenna comparison tests between the case and the iPhone 4.

Via Market Watch