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Google reportedly developing a new version of Android for cars

Android Auto
Is Android M the end of this?

Google is reportedly developing a new version of Android, called Android M, that will go straight into cars.

The operating system won't require vehicles to tether to smartphones to get on the internet, according to sources who spoke with Reuters.

Unlike Google's existing in-car system, Android Auto, Android M will apparently be totally independent of other devices.

It may be the next logical step, but it's reportedly also a major advancement.

What's the 'M' stand for?

As Reuters points out, Android being directly integrated with cars could let the OS access vehicles' systems, like sensors and cameras, and could let Google in on valuable user data that it doesn't have access to currently.

Unfortunately these source also said Google won't launch Android M for about a year.

Assuming this rumor is legit, and there's nothing crazy about it that would suggest otherwise, the only remaining question is what the "M" stands for.

Meringue? Marzipan? Marmalade? M&Ms? Something else?

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