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MySpace spammer ordered to pay $6 million

MySpace says no to spam
MySpace says no to spam

The war on spam continues with a court in America ordering the CEO of Media Breakaway Scott Richter to pay the Rupert Murdoch-owned MySpace the sum of $6 million.

Oh, and the company’s employees are now banned from using the social networking site ever again.

Spammer in the works

Richter’s company has been under scrutiny by MySpace, and has frequently been accused of launching phishing attacks on the site and sending spam messages to a number of MySpace users.

This is not the first time Richter has had to pay out. His company has already had to fork out $7 million to Microsoft for similar offences.

Both these fines combined are pocket change compared to the sum of money prolific ‘Spam King’ Sanford Wallace had to pay MySpace last year. He was ordered to pay out a whopping $234 million.

Speaking about the Richter case, a MySpace spokesman said: “MySpace has zero tolerance for illegal activity on our site and is committed to bringing to justice those who try to harm our members."