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Two-way speaker 25 years in the making

Rountree's OmniMon

Rountree Acoustics is a new name on the hi-fi scene with an unusual approach to loudspeaker design.

The Cambridgeshire-based company has developed a new and unique speaker system called OmniMon. It combines a downward-facing omni-directional mid/bass drive unit with a ribbon tweeter and has what Rountree calls ‘mono-polar operation’ – in other words, it faces the listener in the conventional way.

This combination of omni and mono-polar radiation patterns is said to produce a more realistic result than systems that are solely one or the other. Indeed, the company claims that this product is the result of 25 years’ research into “the best possible approach to reproducing music in the home”.

Pole position

What’s unusual about the design is that the cabinet is very lightweight and hangs down from a central pole. The theory is that it stores very little energy and thus has less of a ‘boxy’ sound. The central pole, conversely, is a very high-mass design and forms a rigid connection from the drive units to the ground in order to dissipate unwanted energy.

The £6,600 two-way floorstanding speaker is currently built to order only, however, Rountree is in the process of appointing UK dealers and will be taking the OmniMon to various UK hi-fi shows this year.