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5G PCs coming from Intel and Sprint next year

US telecoms giant Sprint has joined the race to bring 5G to the masses, announcing at Computex 2018 to start shipping Intel-powered 5G computers next year.

We also heard confirmation that Acer and Asus would be utilising Intel’s chips in their upcoming 5G laptops, joining the ranks of Microsoft, Lenovo, Dell, and HP –- all of which are planning on bringing 5G PCs to market throughout 2019.

So they’ll be… faster?

The race is on to be at the forefront of wireless connectivity, with 5G promising a vastly faster and more liable transfer of data across connected devices. 

The potential advances a 5G network could bring to both consumers and businesses are huge, with far-reaching improvements possible for IoT devices, autonomous vehicles, and a host of modern industries.

But there are currently no 5G-equipped devices on the market – PCs, smartphones, or otherwise – and it will likely be several years before the new technology sees widespread implementation.

Even phone provider Huawei, which is looking to release a 5G handset in late 2019, has tried to talk down the ballooning expectations for the technology. The hype for 5G could easily overtake its reality in the near future, but either way we’ll start experiencing its capabilities very soon.