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The Samsung Galaxy S22 was released in March 2022, so it’s getting a little old now. You might think that means lots of good discounts are available on the S22 range, but we’ve found this isn’t necessarily the case. In many instances the Galaxy S22 series is out of stock, and when it is available, it can still be listed for over AU$1,000 – not what we’re looking for.

When it comes to the telcos, stock of the Samsung Galaxy S22 is pretty scarce, and it’s currently only available at Optus’ online store. Considering the S22 is still being sold at full price, we don’t recommend signing up for the S22 on a plan. We strongly suggest checking out the best Samsung Galaxy S24 plans instead, as we’ve found it’s possible to get the newer phone for about AU$10 more each month compared to what you’d spend for the Galaxy S22 on a plan.

You could also consider buying the S22 outright if you see it on sale. Buying outright will enable you to pair the device with telcos other than Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, so be sure to read our guide to the best SIM-only plans in Australia for recommendations.


Samsung Galaxy S24 deals
Samsung’s latest S24 series is out now, and it won’t cost you much more to get the new release phone. We’ve compared the cost of the best Samsung Galaxy S24 plans and found they’re about AU$10 more a month than what you’d pay for the S22 on an equivalent plan. The newer S24 also has performance comparable to the Galaxy S24 Ultra, an excellent battery life and a stellar camera setup. Thanks to a partnership with Google, the Galaxy S24 also has AI software integration and seven years of software and security updates ahead.

Best Samsung Galaxy S22 plan: our pick

Best overall Samsung Galaxy S22 plan

Samsung Galaxy S22 (128GB)30GB data24 monthsAU$96.85p/m

Samsung Galaxy S22 (128GB) | 30GB data | 24 months | AU$96.85p/m

Stock of the Samsung Galaxy S22 is fairly scarce, and if you’re wanting to pick it up online from a telco, it’s currently only available from Optus. If you opt for a 24-month contract, the cheapest you can get it for is AU$96.85 a month, and we don’t think that’s a particularly good deal. You can get the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S24 on a plan for just over AU$10 extra a month, and considering the upgrades that come with it, we think it’s definitely worthwhile choosing the latest version.

Total cost over 24 months is AU$2,574.96

Outright Samsung Galaxy S22 deals

If you’re already on an existing plan or are happy to change to a SIM-only offer, it might be worth picking up the Samsung Galaxy S22 handset outright. It can save you money if you find a deal, or avoid any lock-in contracts in the process.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 review in brief

Samsung S22 handsets in varying colors

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Samsung Galaxy S22 review in brief

Impressive as always, but without taking great strides


Screen size: 6.1-inch
Resolution: Full HD+
Rear camera: 50 + 12 + 10MP
Front Camera: 10 + 12MP
Weight: 167g
OS: Android 12
Storage: 128/256GB
Battery: 3700mAh

Reasons to buy

Striking display
Delightful to use
Upgraded chipset

Reasons to avoid

Doesn't improve much on the S21

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is here and... well, it’s more of the same. But you could easily argue that that’s a good thing. With this release, Samsung took the excellent Galaxy S21 and made meaningful, well-thought-out upgrades to what was already one of the best phones on the market. 

At first glance, the device very much follows the same design language as the S21. It’s got the same rear-camera contour, flat-edged front, and lack of 3.5mm port, but now comes with a premium glass-backed panel, a marked upgrade from the plastic on the Galaxy S21.

Inside, Samsung has beefed up the chip to the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, which should give marginal gains over the last generation while still keeping this device at the forefront of power versus its rivals. It’s now got an adaptive refresh rate display (10 to 120Hz) to aid with battery life, and Samsung has also shuffled the rear camera array round to have a higher resolution main camera, at the expense of the telephoto. 

Interestingly, Samsung has reduced the screen slightly from 6.2-inches to 6.1-inches, although we'd challenge anyone to tell the difference at first glance. This device remains the best choice in the range for those who want something relatively 'palm-friendly'. For a bigger screen without going too crazy on price, we'd recommend the Galaxy S22 Plus. For a no-holds-barred premium experience, check out the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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