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The Oculus Go 64GB has a secret Amazon Prime Day sale price

Oculus Go Amazon Prime Day
(Image credit: Future)

The Oculus Go has a secret Amazon Prime Day price that's $40 off MSRP, and this deal applies to the superior 64GB version of the year-old VR headset.

It's just $209 for the Oculus Go 64GB on Amazon today, giving you a break on paying too much for this easy-to-get-into virtual reality headset. To compare, the 32GB edition of the Oculus Go costs full price right now: $199.

In other words, you're paying just a $10 premium for double the storage. That will be important as you download more games to the headset via the Oculus Store. Note: while Amazon still refers to the price as $249 (the original MSRP), it really costs $209 in the end once you add it to your cart and go to checkout. 

Oculus Go 64GB VR headset $249 $209 at Amazon
The best price for the superior Oculus Go 64GB headset is $40 off, but deal price is written in very small text, meaning a lot of people may miss it. Their loss is your Prime Day deal gain.View Deal

The thing we like about the Oculus Go is that it's a VR headset at an accessible price, even more so than to Amazon Prime Day. It's also a lot better than phone-based VR headsets, which hogs your smartphone to become the display.