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Amazon Prime Day Kindle deals 2021: Prime Day is over for another year

Amazon Prime Day Kindle deals
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Amazon Prime Day is over for another year, and sadly the Kindle deals have gone with it. We're expecting to see them back again over Black Friday though, so if you missed out then there'll be another opportunity to grab your dream e-reader.

Waiting a little longer means you could also snag an updated 2021 Kindle as well, so it could be worth biding your time.

Below you can see all the deep discounts that were available this year, so you can browse through and plan your Black Friday shopping list.

As expected, this year's Amazon Prime Day Kindle deals offered up discounts on everything from the standard 2019 Amazon Kindle to the more premium Kindle Paperwhite and Oasis models. We also saw great options for 'Essentials' bundles today, which are a good choice if you're looking to save on some accessories to go with your Kindle.

We didn't spot anything in regards to Kindle Unlimited subscription promotions this time around, but Amazon offered a full three months of service for free with every device purchased throughout Prime Day, so if you managed to snap one up, you'd have plenty of reading material to keep you going.

These deals, and hundreds of others, were available to Prime members only. If you're not a member, no worries, there's a 30-day free trial that's really easy to sign up for and we've included full details just down below, and you'll also benefit from perks like free next-day shipping.

Amazon Prime Day Kindle deals in the US


Kindle: $89.99 $54.99 at Amazon
Save $35 -
We always see Amazon's range of e-readers take a nice discount for Prime Day, and you'll be pleased to learn that this deal beats the previous best by a few dollars. It comes in with a built-in front light, which should solve any visibility issues you might have. 


Kindle Kids Edition: $109.99 $64.99 at Amazon
Save $45 - Get a steep discount on this child-friendly version of the Kindle, which comes with a Rainbow Birds-themed cover. You also get a year of Amazon Kids+ bundled in with this one, which offers an existing library of books to enjoy. Not a bad gift purchase this Prime Day.


Kindle Paperwhite (8GB): $129.99 $79.99 at Amazon
Save $50 -
For Prime Day 2021, you can score a massive $50 price cut on the Kindle Paperwhite. That's the best price we've found for the waterproof e-reader, which features a glare-free display and provides a single battery charge that lasts for weeks.


Kindle Paperwhite (32GB): $159.99 $104.99 at Amazon
Save $55 -
Get the higher capacity version of Amazon's waterproof e-reader at a steep discount for Prime Day 2021. This beats the previous best price by $5, and the weeks-long battery life should ensure you get all the reading time you need from this one.


Kindle Oasis (8GB): $249.99 $184.99 at Amazon
Save $65 - If you want the Kindle with the best display around, consider this Prime Day 2021 deal, which takes the Oasis within $10 of its previous lowest price. 8GB capacity should be enough for any books and audiobooks you throw at it, but if you want the 32GB version instead, that's also discounted. 

Frequently asked questions

Do you need Amazon Prime for Prime Day Kindle deals?

Of course, to take part in this year's Prime Day offers, you'll want to grab an Amazon Prime membership. Thankfully in the lead up to the big event, Amazon usually offers a free trial, however, you'll find the latest offers just below.

Get a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime

Get a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime
Amazon is currently offering a 30 day free trial of Prime. While you're a little early for Prime Day itself, you'll get the same benefits as paid members: free delivery, early access to lightning deals, plus video streaming, music, Prime Reading and more. You can cancel at any time during the trial. After 30 days, Prime will cost $12.99/£7.99 per month.

Is Amazon Prime Day the best time for Kindle deals?

Yes, Amazon Prime Day is probably going to be the best time all year round for Kindle deals, with Black Friday coming in as a close second. We say this because Kindle devices are part of Amazon's own line-up of devices and it's tradition that the company saves the best discounts on those for its own big event.

There is, of course, always an outside chance that Prime Day Kindle deals will be beaten by those offered over another sales event, but we think it's pretty unlikely. Last year's discounts saw record low prices (with you can view below) and it seems a safe bet that those will be matched or exceeded in 2021. If you see a sale this year that's beating our rounded up prices from last year just below then it's probably a really great time to score a Kindle for cheap.

Will there be Amazon Prime Day Kindle Unlimited deals?

Amazon tends to offer things like Prime Day Kindle Unlimited deals in the run-up to the event itself - mostly to drive up subscription numbers. Last year we saw an extended free trial period of three months, although for 2021 we didn't see a similar promotion.

Is Kindle Unlimited worth it?

Amazon Kindle Unlimited, along with Audible, is a fantastic service that perfectly compliments any Amazon Kindle device. You get unlimited access to a library of over one million books and magazines, plus some free audiobook narration on select titles courtesy of Audible. It's good value, at just $7.95 / £7.99 a month, and you'll never run out of fantastic content. 

That said, Prime members get access to the Prime reading service. It's like a stripped-down version of Kindle Unlimited, and has a few thousand free titles. So if you have Prime, even if you don't want to sign up to Kindle Unlimited, you'll still have plenty of books to read with your Kindle device.

Of course, if you've never signed up for the free Kindle Unlimited trial before, then you can get a whole three months for free right now if you're a Prime member. That's more than enough time to decide whether you're going to get your money's worth from Kindle Unlimited - just remember to cancel your subscription before your three months is up if you're not planning to fully subscribe.

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