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Western Digital MyCloud EX4 16TB

Techradar Christmas wishlist 2013 WD EX4

NAS drives probably aren't the sort of thing that most people get excited about, but as a photographer with a stack of external hard drives full with images the WD EX4 is the answer to my prayers.

Sure there are other solutions on the market, but WD's software is easy to use and the EX4's four bays ensure that my images are properly backed up. The trouble is I'm not sure I've been good enough to get the 16TB version I want.

Fuji XQ1

Fuji XQ1

Fuji is on a roll with its X-series cameras and the XQ1 is a sexy little number that uses the same 2/3-inch sensor as the X20. It's small and tough enough to be slipped into a pocket, but gives you bags of control and has the clout to take great images.

Plus, it's got Wi-Fi connectivity built-in for sharing shots via my iPhone, so I'd like to make it my 'carry everywhere' camera in 2014.

And one app for Boxing Day

10 in a row

10 in a row is a simple game about arranging numbers against the clock, but it has a way of getting under your skin so you have to have one more go.