Best of TechRadar Pro: Building Linux desktops, demise of the IT department and perfecting subscription strategies

The demise of the IT department (and the role BYOD, BYOA and BYOW play)


While the industry continues to debate the same topic, my prediction remains the same: the IT department is going to go virtual. Gone will be the days where employees go down the hall to ask their IT department for help or submit tickets to get serviced.

Rather, the IT department is going to play a much quieter role – one where it watches behind the scenes to protect corporate data. The trends that brought the industry to this crossroad are no secret. Things like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Bring Your Own App (BYOA) and Bring Your Own Workflow (BYOW) have changed the way companies do business – especially from a technology perspective. Continue reading...

Build the best Linux desktop


Like all things Linux and open source, users are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a desktop environment (or DE). But this choice that many perceive as freedom, others may also see as a little bewildering and confusing.

Right after making the soul-shaking decision of switching operating systems and installing an unknown system – by hand no less – a new Linux user is then greeted with weird sounding desktops to choose from with names like Gnome (a mini-desktop perhaps?), KDE (Isn't that a double-glazing firm?) and Xfce (No idea). What veteran users herald as Linux's crown jewels, to the innocent newcomer it's like stumbling into a sci-fi convention where everyone is discussing a new TV series that you've never heard of but apparently it's been around for years. Continue reading...

Samsung 850 Pro 512GB review


The 850 Pro is Samsung's new flagship consumer SSD, and the follow-up to the wildly popular 840 Pro, which was one of the best performing SSDs money could buy when it launched in September 2012. We're reviewing the 512GB model here which is priced at £232 (US$399, around AUD$420).

Apart from a small change from an orange logo to red, the 850 Pro's product packaging and the metallic shell of the drive look just like the older model. It has identical dimensions, including a height of 6.8mm, which ensures it will fit into the smallest of laptops, and a similar diamond-cut chamfered edge. Continue reading...

Lessons from Netflix and Spotify: how to perfect subscription strategies


Netflix and Spotify seek to become the de facto standards in their paid-for video and music streaming services, and this is coming at the expense of profits currently, with Spotify loss making and Netflix loss making outside the USA.

So what is a smart pricing strategy for subscription businesses – both in the digital and non-digital worlds? Here's a handy break-down. Continue reading...

How can you make your meetings more efficient?


Meetings are often regarded by employees as being a major source of inefficiency in the organisation. At the centre of this notion is the meeting room itself that features some kind of presentation technology – be it a PC or laptop and a shared screen.

The reasons for meeting inefficiency range from lack of preparation and poor leadership, to low engagement or participation and technical issues. While technology may not have a role to play in the former, it certainly can assist in bolstering participation and eliminating any hiccups caused by aged or ineffective equipment. Continue reading...

How to cut through 'dirty data' for social media insight


Social media is a difficult thing to manage for many companies. Most high-ranking business people think Twitter is a goldmine, and the best place to find information about their Next Big Thing™.

They hire data collection services to provide them with thousands of tweets, hoping to see a trend that tells them what their clients are looking for. The goal? Identify potential new products, or a new market.Continue reading...