Sony high-def display less than 1cm thick

OLED displays promise thin televisions that use less power

Pop into the Display 2007 event being held in Tokyo before it closes on Friday and you'll have a chance to spot one of the most startling screens yet - a full high-definition organic display made by Sony that is less than 1cm thick.

The unnamed 27-inch OLED screen is just 9mm deep from front to back, yet is still capable of full HD TV at a 1920 x 1080p resolution. Moreover, it has a stunning 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, which is one of the chief draws of OLED displays, resulting in brighter colours and deeper blacks.

Thin and thinner

Sony's other crowd drawer is an 11-inch OLED screen that's quite a bit lower on the pixel count at 1024 x 600 dots but outdoes the bigger display by packing everything into a depth of just 3mm.

On top of the good looks, OLED screens also consume less power than LCD or plasma displays, due to them not requiring a backlight, making for some lean, green, mean television sets. For a closer look at the gorgeous new Sony screens, be sure to check out the gallery of photos at Japanese site AV Watch .