YouView UK release date delayed till 'early 2012'

Trials begin before the end of the year

The makers of YouView have officially announced that the IPTV platform will not have a full consumer launch in 2011, instead it will now be available in 2012.

The subscription-free internet-connected TV service was meant to be launching sometime in 2011, but it has been hit with setbacks – notably the departure of its chief evangelist Anthony Rose, who jumped ship to go to Intel.

Although YouView - then Project Canvas - was originally meant to be launched in 2010, this was delayed until 2011. A full rollout will now not happen until early 2012, with a few trials of the service beginning this year.

Open TV

Richard Halton, the CEO of YouView, said about the delay: "Our focus has always been to deliver a product to consumers that is right, but not rushed. Creating a truly open TV platform that will bring consumers increased choice has required significant technological innovation. Our timings for the launch reflect the scale and complexity of this project."

TechRadar contacted YouView about the delays and it told us that, despite the date change, everyone is happy with how the service is progressing.

"We keep all timings under review and our priority is to ensure we get the product right," said a spokesperson for the platform.

"Development of YouView is progressing well and our shareholders are fully supportive of our strategy for delivery."


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