Sony shuns OLED phone screens

CEO says company only looking at TVs for the future

Stan Glasgow, President of Sony Electronics, has said that Sony will be concentrating on bring larger OLED screens to the masses rather than following the actions of other rival companies and supplying the technology to mobiles too.

He said that the company's focus with regards to OLED is "TV screens, not cellphone displays or other types of displays."


Glasgow still believes that the product has a valid place alongside the dominant LCD and plasma screens that adorn many a wall in worldwide homes.

"We are working very hard to get to the next generation of screen sizes. It is an energy-saving product ... with strong performance," Glasgow said, according to

"We have a massive R&D effort at Sony for OLED. It is easy to make small but not as easy to make big. We discuss OLED every week and has it a focus with Sony, and other manufacturers too."


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