Bravia TV sets to take e-cash payments

RFID readers embedded in remote control handsets

Bravia TV

Using a TV for surfing the web has always been pretty much a bust, but the imminent rise of downloads direct to TV sets looks a sure bet for online media success in the living room.

The only problem might be how to pay for movies rented through that channel. Typing credit card numbers in through a remote just isn't going to appeal to folk, while subscription packages won't suit everyone.

RFID the key

Over in Japan, Sony already has a possible answer in the shape of a range of new Bravia TV sets with remote controllers that can process e-cash payments.

The KDL-series Bravias will go on sale in Japan in April complete with RFID FeliCa chip readers embedded in the remotes. Thanks to the popularity of RFID cash in Japan – whether in phones or in standalone cards – the Bravia models could prove tempting.

Next steps

So far, Sony has managed to get two e-cash providers onboard, but the rest are sure to follow.

Once that happens, selling and paying for just about anything through the TV will become as natural as flipping channels.

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