Samsung's Galaxy S8 might get by with a little help from LG

Because the same mistakes can’t be made again

Following the unprecedented fiasco surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s volatile battery issue, Samsung may strike a deal with a new client, LG Chem, to provide batteries for next year’s Samsung Galaxy S8 and moving forward. 

According to Korea Herald, the first wave of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 to be recalled were stocked with batteries from its own Samsung SDI arm. The replacements were built with batteries from its other supplier, ATL. 

Samsung’s interest in adding another candidate to the battery pool makes perfect sense, even if it is an act of damage control at this point. If the Korean company wants to earn back the public’s trust with its next-generation S-series smartphone, it best not combust. 

We have high hopes for the Samsung Galaxy S8. We’ve even gone as far as to create a high-res render from scratch with all the features we desire. A battery that isn’t prone to catching fire is a feature that we’ve now added to the list.


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