Plane crazy: Virgin Atlantic gives Upper Class staff Google Glass

It's the beginning of the end

If you are the type of person that frequents Virgin Atlantic's Upper Class wing, you'll notice a few subtle changes next time you check in - from today, staff will be wearing Google Glass and Sony Smartwatches.

The idea being that the wearable technology will give some of the glamour back to air travel (!) as well as making the check-in process smoother and "more personalised".

The wearables will allow staff to start the check-in process the second travelers step out of their Virgin Atlantic limos instead of having to wait tedious seconds while they walk to the check-in desk.

They'll also be able to tell you updated flight information, weather and local events at your destination, and do a spot of light translation if it's called for as well.

We're not quite at the point where your air stewardess is wearing Google Glass on the actual plane and grabbing your dietary requirements and menu choices just by looking at you, but with on-board Wi-Fi starting to take off, it can't be long till we reach that point too.


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