Detachable earbuds: you will lose them

Panasonic puts fake diamonds in too

Panasonic’s RP- HJE900 earbuds might seem like just your run of the mill pair of in-ear noisemakers, but under the hood seems an implausible diamond wannabe.

Having seemingly run out of standard headphone widgets to put in there, Panny have put cubic zirconia inside the headphones as well, apparently to help remove distortion.

Ear pieces

The buds themselves are also detachable, so if you accidentally stepped on them and pulled out the wires the unit wouldn’t break. Finally! I hear many of you crying.

The earbuds have a sensitivity of 100dB/mW and a claimed frequency response of 6Hz to 28KHz for all you who like the audio-speak. 100dB/mW might not be enough for some people, so we’ll have to wait and see how much they cost before deciding where they’re aimed.


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