Get a grip on the Fuji X series with new accessory range

A new teleconverter for the X100/S boosts focal length, too

Fuji has introduced a collection of new accessories for two of its key X series cameras, the X-T1 and the X100/S.

For the X100S, Fuji is introducing a tele-conversion lens which attaches directly to the camera to multiply the fixed focal length lens by 1.4x, converting it from 23mm to a 33mm lens, which gives a classic focal length of 50mm in 35mm terms.

This is the second conversion lens for the X100/S cameras, following on from a wide-conversion lens. The new TCL-X100 is designed to retain the same optical quality as the original lens. Autofocusing speeds and macro focusing distance remain the same.

For the tele conversion lens to work, the X100/S must be updated with the latest firmware, which is available to download for free.

Wait, there's more!

Meanwhile, some additional accessories have also been announced for the Fuji X-T1 compact system camera.

Two new handgrips, a grip strap, an extended eyecup and a cover kit will also be available from the end of May.

The handgrips are available in large and small sizes, are constructed from aluminium and are designed to integrate perfectly to the X-T1.

Fuji XT1 with handgrip

The new handgrip should make holding the X-T1 even nicer


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