New Snapchat filters let you speed up, slow down or rewind

3D Touch support is here as well

Snapchat has added new filters for your videos, letting you speed up, speed down and even have the video play backwards.

We can already imagine all the cute slow-mo cat videos and rewinded videos of people or things falling down being sent to users, with the likelihood of wanting to replay these chats becoming a greater.

You can add the filters after you take a video, with Snapchat saying you just need to swipe to make the video slow down, fast-forward or rewind.

Start playing with time

This new 'Speed Modifiers' features lands about a month after Snapchat introduced its new Lenses feature, which let you add effects to selfies, as well as its first in-app purchase option of buying more replays.

The new app update also brings 3D Touch support for iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus users.

Force pressing on the Snapchat icon on your phone will let you quickly send a chat or add a new friend.

Via TechCrunch