T-Mobile iPhone 4 prices finally outed

But get ready to pay more than on other networks

T-Mobile has finally announced its iPhone 4 prices ahead of the forthcoming UK launch - and it's pretty pricey.

We're sure you've read a number of the iPhone 4 pricing stories we've published about the other networks, so we'll try and be gentle without hammering you with numbers.

So, if you're after an iPhone 4 16GB (bearing in mind T-Mobile doesn't seem to have 18 month deals, so you're stuck with this one for 24 months):

£25 a month gets you 100 mins, 100 texts and 500MB data with the iPhone costing £259, and £30 nabbing a £219 iPhone 4, 300 mins, 300 texts and 500MB.

For £35 and £40 deals, you get 500MB still, £189 and £129 for the iPhone 4 respectively, and 900/1200 mins with 500 texts.

And finally, you can pay £45 a month, with the iPhone 4 £59 and 1200 mins, 500 text and 750MB of data coming your way, or £60 to get a free iPhone 4 with unlimited (well, 3,000) minutes and 500 text and 1GB of internet.

Aaaand the iPhone 4 32GB

For the iPhone 4 32GB version the monthly cost to minutes/text/data allowance is the same, with the phone costing the following:

For £25 a month it costs £349, £30 and the iPhone costs £299, and for £35 a month you'll be paying £269.

£40 a month comes in at £229, £45 a month £159, and if you're desperate to pay £60 a month you still need to shell out £99 for the iPhone 4 32GB.

What's really odd is that these deals are much more expensive than competitors; for instance the iPhone 4 32GB only costs £29 on a £60 a month deal.

Admittedly you get a 'Flexible Booster' with the T-Mobile deals, so more calls or texts or data etc, but most people still look at the headline price when buying a phone.

T-Mobile is also offering the iPhone 4 on PAYG, but it's still £499 with £10-worth of credit.

Check out TechRadar's price guide to all the iPhone 4 tariffs to see which one works out for you if you haven't started crying at the sea of numbers.



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