Sony Ericsson's Android Xperia X3 leaked again

New shots hint at impending UK release

Sony Ericsson's new Android handset - the Xperia X3 - has been shown off again in spy pics, making a release seem likely soon.

The specs are already widely known - an industry leading 1GHz Snapdragon processor (along with the Acer Liquid handset) and a widescreen VGA 4-inch display would make this best-specified Android handset on the market.

The camera would also be Android market-leading, with an 8MP effort with flash, and likely drawing on Sony Ericsson's top-end Cybershot pedigree.

Tip top display

Add to that a capacitive display with a reported new skin for the Android experience, and you're hopefully looking at the phone that will help breathe life into the slowly declining brand.

But the all-important question is when we're going to get a UK release date for the Xperia X3, with early 2010 being the widely tipped launch.

But Ericsson Labs has Tweeted in support of a November unveiling, which makes sense ahead of a Christmas launch.

Check out the video of the expected fancy 3D interface likely running on the new phone, and then tell us you're not a little bit excited about another top end Android phone:



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