Samsung Galaxy Note 7's S Pen might have a water-friendly feature

The writing's on the water

Note 5

We've heard from a few sources that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be water-resistant – and given that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is, that's easy to believe – but it's now been claimed that you'll even be able to use the S Pen underwater.

That claim comes from the owner of a Vietnamese tech blog and electronics store – and he also shared what appears to be an official shot of the phone and stylus on Facebook, spotted by Phone Arena.

The image gives us a potentially great look at the Note 7, showing off many of the details we've seen before, including a USB-C port, an oblong home button and an iris scanner, all wrapped up in a Blue Coral color scheme.

Note 7 S Pen

It also gives us a clear view of the S Pen, which looks to have a similar design to the Galaxy Note 5's, but will likely have some new features, such as the aforementioned underwater capabilities.

While we don't envisage anyone writing their memoirs at the bottom of a swimming pool, waterproofing could be handy for interacting with the phone in the rain or other situations where it's wet, because water typically prevents touchscreens from accurately responding to presses.

Flat is making a comeback

You'll notice that the phone in the first picture above also has a curved screen, and this is no surprise.

Note 7 flat screen

Most recent leaks have suggested that a curved Note 7 is on the cards, but just when we were getting comfortable with that idea a new image showing a flat Galaxy Note 7 prototype has been shared to Weibo and spotted by

It could well be the real deal – it certainly looks the part – but it would be no surprise if Samsung had prototyped numerous versions of the handset, so its existence doesn't mean we'll get a flat version of the Note 7 – and with no other recent mentions of a flat phone we'd say it's unlikely.

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