Samsung Android tablet is a scary iPad clone

The Galaxy Tab - haven't we seen that somewhere before?

Update: read our Hands on Samsung Galaxy Tab review.

Samsung has finally unveiled its Android tablet device - cunningly called the Samsung Galaxy Tab - and it feels eerily familiar.

The new device was unveiled on Samsung's official South Africa Twitter feed, and says that the new Galaxy tab has a seven inch LCD screen, or "this particular one is" according to the update.

This hints at the fact there will be a variety of Android tablet sizes from Samsung, with more to come in the near future.

Hang on a minute...

The tablet might be using Android and a TouchWiz overlay to operate, and have a phone icon that hints at - you've guessed it - phone calling ability, but we can't help but scream in our minds 'IT LOOKS LIKE AN IPAD!"

Anyhow, Apple similarities aside, there's a 3.5mm headphone jack, a front-facing camera and we'd assume other cool features that will become apparent in the near future.

No word on UK release date as yet, but it looks like the Android vs iPhone war is about to step up a notch as the bigger devices get thrown into the mix too.

From Samsung Hub via BGR



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