Nexus 6 could come equipped with an LG G3 sized screen

Is 5.5 inches the new normal?


So far Nexus 6 rumours have been pretty thin on the ground, but a new titbit suggests that we may be in for a larger, LG G3 sized device.

The information comes from a source 'within Google who is close to the project' who revealed to Ausdroid that not only will there be a new Nexus phone later this year but that it will have a 5.5-inch screen.

Sadly the source didn't reveal anything else about the device or even which manufacturer would be making it. That 5.5 inch size point would immediately make us think of LG as the manufacturer, given that it's the same size as the LG G3 and the company made the last two Nexus handsets.

G3 sized but not LG made

Yet LG recently claimed that it's not making the Nexus 6, so it seems that the size is just a coincidence, if it even really is going to be 5.5 inches.

We're not expecting the Nexus 6 to launch till October or November so there's plenty of time for more information to trickle out, but if you want an LG G3 sized phone but would rather run stock Android then you might be in luck. But with LG out of the driving seat don't expect it to have a QHD screen.