Motorola to unveil UK Android phone 15 September

Brits way behind US though

UPDATE: Motorola will be unveiling its latest attempt to achieve a renaissance in the UK through new set of Android phones on 15 September, despite the US getting the announcement on 10 September.

The company, for which the word 'ailing' is as much of an understatement as you can get these days in tech terms, has long been rumoured to be releasing an Android phone, but hasn't actually managed it.

But the date is set for at least one release, likely to be the Sholes / Shules (which looks something like a redesigned Calgary that we showed you earlier in the year) according to BGR.

More, more, more

It's aggravating the announcement isn't being simulcast in the US and the UK, as the launch handsets are likely to be very similar and therefore any secrecy over the UK announcement will be nullified.

But there's also hope Motorola will bring other handsets as well, meaning the Morrison, which has been seen in all manner of spy shots in the last month, could also be making its debut.

Either way, Google's prediction of multiple Android phones being announced in the second half of 2009 appears to be coming true.


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