LG will attempt to follow up its previous success with the Cookie with the equally oddly named Muffin.

The first Cookie sold over 10 million devices worldwide, which is a stunning effort for a budget phone.

The new Muffin phone (also likely to be known as the LG KP900) has had its spec sheet pictured, showing a three inch capacitive screen and a 5MP camera too.

What's next - Gateau?

The Muffin will also apparently sport Wi-Fi, another round of Dolby Mobile sound and HSDPA - along with the S-Class interface LG is bigging up so enthusiastically.

There's a 'picture' that's emerged of the Muffin as well - although given the fact it looks like it's been painted by a (admittedly talented) child we can't believe in it too much.

To us, it looks a lot like the LG POP - apart from the slightly downgraded camera, could it just be a refresh for another region?

Via Phone Arena