LG to follow up Cookie with Muffin?

Grandmas apparently naming phones in Korea these days

LG will attempt to follow up its previous success with the Cookie with the equally oddly named Muffin.

The first Cookie sold over 10 million devices worldwide, which is a stunning effort for a budget phone.

The new Muffin phone (also likely to be known as the LG KP900) has had its spec sheet pictured, showing a three inch capacitive screen and a 5MP camera too.

What's next - Gateau?

The Muffin will also apparently sport Wi-Fi, another round of Dolby Mobile sound and HSDPA - along with the S-Class interface LG is bigging up so enthusiastically.

There's a 'picture' that's emerged of the Muffin as well - although given the fact it looks like it's been painted by a (admittedly talented) child we can't believe in it too much.

To us, it looks a lot like the LG POP - apart from the slightly downgraded camera, could it just be a refresh for another region?

Via Phone Arena


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