iPhone 4 jailbreak finally released

Add the tweaks and apps Apple don't want you to

iPhone 4 users bored of being hemmed in by Apple's official version of the device can now rejoice as the unofficial jailbreak has been announced.

The iPhone Dev Team, behind a number of the jailbreaks for various Apple firmware, have come up trumps again, offering a solution that works through the Safari browser.

Simply head on over to the JailBreakMe website on your iPhone (or iPod touch or iPad) and start the process to getting non-Apple approved software on your device or opening it up for use on other networks.


The iPhone Dev Team seems to have been working hard on making sure this release lands correctly, as early issues regarding server crashes and FaceTime not working have already been resolved.

Although Apple is against users jailbreaking its devices, it seems that the process is legal in the US, meaning it's likely to be accepted around the world as well - so if you want to jailbreak your iPhone 4 to use legitimately acquired software, then the signs look good.



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