iPhone 3GS jailbreak ready for download

These hackers - they're just getting faster it seems

Barely released into the hands of the public, the iPhone 3GS already has a jailbreak ready and waiting.

However, it's not the Dev Team that's done it this time, it's an independent developer by the name of George Hotz, who has made the purplera1n jailbreak available for download.

It's only available for those with a Windows XP or Vista machine, as Macs or the nascent Windows 7 platforms are not supported.

Beta blocker

It's important to note that this is in beta, so you'll need to make sure everything's backed up if you're going to attempt it - but then again you're jailbreaking your new and expensive iPhone, so we're assuming you've weighed up the risks.

The Dev Team, those chaps who traditionally give us the cracks for the iPhone, are also planning a jailbreak for the new iPhone 3GS, so it won't be long before everyone will be running around with network-independent phones.

But check out the latest jailbreak over at George Hotz's blog.

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