Instagram outlaws apps with 'Insta' and 'Gram' in their names

Forgets that 'gram' is a word

All powerful, Facebook-owned photo app Instagram has suddenly decided that apps connected to its service can no longer use "insta" or "gram" in their names.

It says that, "use of "insta" and "gram" for an application that works with Instagram is harmful to the Instagram brand".

Of course, being heavy-handed and doing away with a useful short-hand that gives users an idea of what an app does from its name alone are not harmful to the Instagram brand at all.

Fun fact, word fans: the -gram suffix comes from the Ancient Greek word 'gramma' meaning "written character, letter, that which is drawn". We haven't done the math on this but we're pretty sure it was around before Instagram was.

More blips!

We won't stop you using the Blip brand wherever you fancy - pick and choose your favourites from the full line-up.



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