HTC One (M8) available from all major US carriers, Verizon stores starting today

Priced at $199.99 or less early upgrade specials

HTC One M8

Update: AT&T has revealed its HTC One (M8) release date plans.

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The HTC One (M8) is finally here for you to feast your eyes upon, but when, where and for how much can you pick up and play with the next "World's Best Phone?"

Depending on where you subscribe, the new HTC One will be priced at either $199 or $249 with a two-year contract. Off-contract, the new One has settled on a $649 price point.

As for Big Red, Verizon customers will be able to buy the new HTC One in retail locations and online at 1 p.m. ET today, as was rumored Monday. The phone will sell for $199.99 on contract.

HTC One (M8) likes to Play

HTC has also announced the HTC One (M8) Google Play edition, and those looking to skip the whole carrier thing can pre-order the phone on the Google Play Store right now.

The vanilla Android version will be available in silver for $699. Supported wireless bands include GSM, WCDMA and LTE.

The Google Play edition will be able to take advantage of the M8's Duo Camera by leveraging HTC's APIs, however the Taiwanese firm didn't have any details on just how Google will accomplish this.

Developer and SIM Unlocked flavors of the phone are also available on for $649.