Google's My Location search on iPhone... again

But now you can do it in the browser

Google has announced the addition of My Location to the iPhone browser, making searching for local services easier.

While it's not the most groundbreaking news, since the iPhone already has a Google Maps application with the same functionality built in, it does bring the desktop experience closer to the mobile.

Users will be able to navigate to Google, and then can opt in to Google's My Location using the link on the homepage.

Location update

It's not automatic though, so you'll have to update your location every time you want to perform a new search for local listings.

Google has pointed out that this is very much an opt-in service, and users can remove themselves whenever they want through the preferences section.

Currently only available in the US and the UK, Google is expected to roll it out to more countries in the near future.

Via the Official Google Blog



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