Google admits 'a few kinks' with Nexus One

Search giant responds to early criticism

Google has admitted there are some teething problems with its phone, the Nexus One, but said it is working them out.

The company has been criticised for only responding to queries by email, users not knowing the correct company to contact in the event of a fault, and patchy coverage in some areas.

A Google spokesperson has responded to us, saying:

"We've worked closely with our Nexus One launch partners to make support available through a variety of channels. This is a new way to purchase and support a mobile phone, and we're committed to sorting out the few kinks that do exist."

Increased support

Whether that means increasing the support for the phone, or just making it more obvious which method to use for queries on the Nexus One is still unclear, but Google has said that it is aware of the problem.

We're still waiting to get a UK release date for the Nexus One, which will be coming on Vodafone, so it will be interesting to see whether the same problems will appear with British users.


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