Apple finally gives jailbroken iPhones green light?

Removes jailbreak detection API

Apple might have given in and decided to allow jailbreaking of iPhones after a key API was removed in iOS 4.2.

This means that Apple can no longer check to see if you've got a 'good' or 'naughty' phone – this comes after the US government earlier said that jailbreaking an iPhone was entirely legal.

Whether this was disabled or removed completely has yet to be confirmed by Apple – it could simply be a temporary measure before a minor update rebuilds the garden walls.

The workers will run riot!

Network World is pointing out the problems this could cause to IT managers – the jailbreak detection tool was a useful way of finding out if OS files had been corrupted by outside security threats, so it will be interesting to see how Apple responds.

Of course, it does open your phone up to security flaws, erratic battery life and errors – but that's all part of the fun, right?

From Network World via IntoMobile



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