Sony Ericsson announces Xperia release date

October could be an X1-filled fest of phone fun

Sony Ericsson has confirmed its flagship smartphone - the Xperia X1 - will be available in selected markets from 30 September.

The UK, Germany and Sweden will be the first markets to get their hands on the device, with other markets in Europe, Asia and Latin America coming in Q4 2008.

Unspecified release

North America, China and Russia along with other unspecified countries will be getting the handset 'in the coming months', which seems to hint at production difficulties.

Huge rumours of a delay to the Xperia X1 launch, which runs Windows Mobile, a first for Sony Ericsson, were seemingly confirmed when the company announced the release launch would be pushed back a week.

But it seems the Japanese-Swedish alliance has solved the first of the production issues, at least for selected key markets.

Sony Ericsson hopes this phone will be the device to help launch them back up the popularity charts after flagging sales have forced profits to drop in recent months.


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