Sony Ericsson: 'A smarter Walkman phone is coming soon'

Teaser advert piques curiosity

Sony Ericsson is planning to bring the Walkman brand back to a smartphone device, if we're correctly interpreting a not-very-subtle advert from the brand.

The marketing poster was published by Android Community, which has also had word that Sony Ericsson is gearing up for a 2011 launch for the mystery Walkman handset.

It bears the tag line, "A smarter Walkman phone is coming soon."


You don't need a degree in reading between the lines to work out what that means, but you may need a masters in precognition to tell us any more than that.

There's no sign of any specs or the design of the upcoming Walkman phone yet, although we would say that a media focus is a given - to this end we'd expect a decent GPU and a top-of-the-range Bravia-powered display.

While it'd be nice to see Walkman make its comeback on Android, the mystery handset joining Sony Ericsson's Xperia Android line-up could be a case of too many brands spoiling the broth.

Via Android Community


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