Jobs believes iPhone 3G will sell

Strangely also thinks the BlackBerry isn’t all that

ABC got something the world has been clamouring for after the (in)famous keynote speech from Steve Jobs - a few words.

Jobs believes the business world is ready for the new iPhone, clearly swiping at the dominance RIM has achieved with the BlackBerry handsets.

"The business world has bought a lot of iPhones in the last year. There's a ton of CEOs and senior executives in most of the Fortune 500 companies that have iPhones." He added: "I think people love the iPhone and they want to use it in business."

User experience

When pushed on whether the business users are ready to ditch their physical keyboards and use the iPhone’s all-touch interface, Jobs said: "Well, that's up to customers to decide. We're just going to give them the best iPhone we know how and they'll pick what they want."

Surprisingly, the Apple head honcho also said the company would meet the target of 10 million iPhones sold by the end of the year. Weird that.


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