Apple to fix 3G coverage in iPhones?

Hopes rest on new firmware

Apple is set to release a new firmware fix is to tackle reported problems of poor 3G coverage.

The company has obviously done well in the first month of iPhone sales, but the problems with the 3G connection have bamboozled and infuriated many.

No word on why the problem is occuring, though many believe the Infineon chip at the heart of the device is to blame.

Three per cent? As if…

Despite only a 'reported' three per cent of calls subject to dropping out/poor reception, this is still enough to drive most users bananas, in come cases forcing people, especially business users, to carry another mobile phone.

The new update, set to be deployed this September is set to fix all the little problems you may have been experiencing.

But the big question is…will it eat up all that precious battery life Apple worked so long and hard to eke out?


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